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A STORY OF GRACE By Rita Swartz. 14years ago I had to make a choice. Wait for the Nigerian...... Read More

“My Story

     of Grace”

I was faced with 2 choices 14 years ago.

One was for a Nigerian to pay my fine for soliciting to avoid a 3 months sentence. His motive was to send me back to prostitution. Being raped as a young girl in an immoral neighbourhood had led me into prostitution. Crack cocaine at that time became my comforter. Addiction had destroyed my senses, driving me further into promiscuity, just to get a “fix”.

The second choice was to commit myself into the Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre to recover from addiction. A lady who visited people in prison conditionally offered this choice if I agreed to complete 3 months in prison. I later learnt she was the Director of the Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre.

I had to make a choice. Thank “God”, I made the right one. I completed my 3 months sentence in jail before going to the Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre.

When I arrived at Careline, everything started to change. It wasn’t an easy walk at first. Drugs and alcohol and staying sober were strangely not the most difficult hurdle to overcome.

I needed to firstly address my pride, always on the defence and on the attack. I had to also cease with ‘King Baby” characteristics, bullying and suppress my anger. Problems in my youth resulted in the fear of abandonment, rejection. I had to also overcome the fear of intimacy.

“Love” Touched me……..God touched me”

Firstly I learnt to submit to authority…….how to trust the people and program.

Honesty had to form in me with programs like “Well adjusted personality”……”Walls of your heart”….”Women in recovery”……”Relapse prevention” and so much more.

All these programs were underpinned by thorough “spiritual” growth. I am now free from vices for 14 years after 30 years of drugs and separation from God. I no longer recognise the old Rita, a lost soul totally transformed.

My gratitude for those like Joey du Plessis, the director of Careline, as well as many team members is endless. They invested so much time in my life with humility and unconditional love.

This program saved my life, out from the dark into the light, a long process but worth it all. I recommend any compulsive addictive person to take on this program and dig deep for truth which will “set you free”.


I`M NOW………14 years clean………Working as a life skills facilitator……..Walking in “Freedom with Christ Wow!

CRONIC DRUG ADDICT By Adhil Ramsumair. I have been a chronic drug addict and alcoholic for... Read More

I have been a chronic drug addict and alcoholic for the last twenty years of my life. Addiction has almost ruined every aspect of my life.

At the age of thirty I admitted myself into my first treatment centre.
Between 2008 and 2018 I had been to 4 different rehabs. None of these centres where able to keep me sober.

On the 05 of May 2018 I booked myself into Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre. My life has transformed for the better ever since. The first 3 months of involved life skills training. This challenged me to deal with the trauma of my childhood while living in an alcoholic household. I was overwhelmed by the love and understanding shown by the support team. I learnt discipline, structure, respect and most of all that God “is” and loves me with endless forgiveness.

The director`s wise counsel with the thoroughly informative program helped me become sober minded again, the person God intended me to be. Saying thank you is sometimes not enough to say when freedom from addiction arrives after 20 years.

I have been in many other recovery centers. The Careline program just worked for me, allowing my mind to clear. I was able to dig deep and discover the grace of God.

“Forever grateful”
…………….to God, Joey du Plessis and the staff of Careline.

Adhil Ramsumair

THE DISEASE OF ADDICTION by Wade Foster. After multiple visits to other Treatment centre’s, I arrived...Read More

After multiple visits to other Treatment centre’s, I arrived at the Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre with Internal bleeding. I didn’t believe there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Cocaine and Alcohol destroyed and controlled my life 24/7, 365. I sold everything I had and was willing to do whatever it took in order to get my next fix.

Working in Nightclubs as a bouncer assisted in feeding my addiction to a place of “No” escape.

Joey and her team at Careline gave me the relevant tools in order to get clean. I have since become a productive member of society, fulfilling a position as director.

If it was not for Joey and her Team, I would have been buried many years ago.

Today I am 11 years clean and am so grateful for the opportunity Careline gave me to become whole again. I am furthermore blessed, able to raise a family with a great partner.

Kind Regards
Wade Foster