We provided support and guidance helping establish “KATSI”, a registered non-profit Outpatient Centre in a rural area in KZN. A social worker runs the centre for the recovery of drug and alcohol addicts. We also assisted with extensive repair work of the buildings. This initiative is a long awaited goal of our centre. We have noted for years the sad lack of support for those in rural areas.

The outpatients attending “KATSI” are first sent to the Halfway House of the Careline Crisis &Trauma Centre. There they complete the 3 month life-skills program at the Careline Halfway House at no cost. We enjoy a great relationship with them. The young people from “KATSI” often play football against the Careline Halfway House residents.

The rural areas in our region do not have halfway houses. They also cannot afford the costs of treatment facilities in other areas. It is crucial that non-profit Outpatient Centres are developed as a minimum requirement in rural areas. We are ready and more than willing to guide those wishing to establish and operate Outpatient centres in rural areas.

We believe all regions should manage the escalating problem of drug and alcohol abuse in their own areas.