Careline Crisis a Shining Light in the Community

Careline Community Care Centre (referred as CCCC)


Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre (referred as CC&TC)

The Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre actually started 54 years ago in the heart of a young lady. Her desire would not wane until finally she would establish a centre to provide support for those in crisis.

Her compassion and fearlessness always moved her to intervene in the hurt of others. This led to her serving as a volunteer for the Social Welfare for 17 years after hours. She at that stage was in full time employment. The welfare department used her after hours to intervene in family crisis and trauma.

She left full time employment in 1995 to establish a non-profit centre called the CCCC. The Hillcrest Town Board provided offices. This centre provided general advice and referrals for various social problems including a support structure for abused women and children. At that time services were weak in KZN. To this day it is a primary commitment of the centre to empower victims of abuse.

The South African Police Services in 1996 requested that the CCCC establish a crisis support office at the Hillcrest police station. The station`s attempts previously had failed. It was agreed upon and a trained team of volunteers were established to manage cases on a 24/7 roster basis. The success of the crisis support office resulted in the demand for such services in other police stations. Business Against Crime and the Spar Group then supported the CCCC to expand such services regionally in KZN. The CCCC still provides advice and training to a lesser degree for developing crisis support operations.

When the old Natal Lottery closed it registered a trust called Community Care Centres. This trust purchased properties for crisis centres the CCCC helped establish in KZN. The operation changed its` name later to the CC&TC. It was decided that the new name better described the primary objectives of the operation.

The stronger drive to intervene in crisis in homes and businesses soon highlighted a stark reality. A great number of disturbances and criminal activities were related to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. We soon encountered problems trying to place victims of addiction in support facilities not easily available. The CC&TC reacted by establishing an affordable Half-Way House due to the scarcity of such in the province.

The CC&TC maintains a proactive presence in cases of crisis and trauma in urban and rural areas.

It must be emphasized that our operations`s successes are the result of a large team effort. Many businesses, community members and churches have played huge supportive roles. The City Hill church in Hillcrest has been a supporter of the CC&TC since it`s early inception.