We include the statistics below to highlight our challenge. Knowing our problems enables all to strategize solutions to the causes.

The number of orphans in South Africa range from 3.4 million to nearly 4 million. The United Nations Children’s Fund, for instance, has put the number of orphans in South Africa at between 3.7 million and 4 million. Some projections have suggested figures as high as 5.2 million. In 2011, 2.01 million children were orphaned as a result of AIDS-related deaths. Thank goodness medicine is improving the situation. To compound the problems of orphans, unemployment is a poor catalyst for improvement.

The unemployment rate stands at 29%. South Africa’s unemployment rate has continued to increase. All true South Africans need to stretch their empathy toward our children. The well being of these children is a critical contributor to the future success of our beautiful country.

Yes! we do have a great country with minimal natural disasters. Our people are integrating well. We are a strong nation able to meet the above challenges. Also the sun always shines.

We as an organisation are always blessed with the privilege of feeding 40 “child headed homes” on Mondays and Wednesdays.The Social Welfare department referred us to this grouping of children to provide continual support.

The culmination of the above problems is that in South Africa child headed households with the “extended families” are rapidly becoming the norm. The primary caregiver in such “extended families” is often themselves a child under the age of 18. Unfortunately these child headed households suffer the same problems faced by other households including poverty as well as their own unique problems. These children lack continuous love, subsistence and guidance at a physical, emotional, social and psychological level. Their families, friends and guardians themselves often cannot or do not provide the necessary support.


Besides feeding these children, we try to supplement their basic needs. Some items include school clothes and books, Christmas parties, toys, blankets, etc.

These children have become our extended family. In other words they are the social responsibility of our country.

They never requested their circumstances. Remember, the love and sincerity we show the children shapes their attitudes and appreciation of true empathy.