In reality Careline started 54 years ago in the heart of a young lady committed to helping those in need. She knew then she would one day run a centre to help those in crisis.The founder member later served as a volunteer for the Government Welfare Department for 17 years whilst in full-time employment.  She would after hours visit homes in which crisis situations requiring support.

She resigned from full-time employment in 1995 to open a non-profit centre called the Careline Community Care Centre at the Hillcrest Town Board Offices. This office provided support for community members in crisis.

In 1996 the South African Police Services requested that Careline open a crisis office at the Hillcrest Police Station due to the police not being able to provide the necessary support for victims of crime and trauma. Careline commenced to do so and established a team of volunteers to deal with cases 24/7 on a roster basis. Careline was soon requested to perpetuate such services in other areas in KZN. With some backing from Business Against Crime and the Spar Group she proceeded to do so for a number of years.

Careline still assists in other areas starting their own support centre with established training for dealing with victims of various traumatic occurrences.

In 1998 the old Natal Lottery, which was soon to close registered a trust called Community Care Centres to purchase properties for use by new crisis centres Careline helped birth as well as other independent social support initiatives such As Open Doors. Careline obtained one such property on a long lease basis as well.

The Carelne centre was then renamed the Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre because of its specialty services.

With extensive call-outs to homes with crisis it was discovered that much trauma in homes as well as criminal activities were related to victims of drug and alcohol addiction. In trying to place these individuals we soon discovered the lack of support centres for victims of addiction, especially those who couldn’t afford the few expensive recovery centres. We proceeded to establish a half-way house at our large centre.