The journey from brokenness to recovery is challenging, as well as exciting as transformation grows.

We leave no stone unturned, ensuring a full medical and psychological analysis of residents is undertaken. We ensure root causes are identified so that treatment is tailored to individual conditions. Root causes of addiction are sometimes mental illness as well as psychological trauma. Victims of abuse often turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism to create a “Mask” of protection against shame. Ignorance of the causes of addiction often results in unfair blame on addicts, culminating in further damage.

We are a Christian based centre dedicated to family and community restoration. Our conviction is that all are equal irrespective of their different convictions. We believe God is sovereign, embracing all humanity. We likewise love, respect and care for all entering our doors.
Three great meals are enjoyed daily with residents sharing in all the necessary chores of any family. Residents do daily exercises’ including walks, volley ball, football, etc. They enjoy karaoke (good fun) sessions whenever possible. Also the fun loving director is always looking for an excuse to party, ensuring a lot of fun evenings.

Intake procedure requires that prospective residents have firstly undergone de-toxing in a detox facility.


1) 3 months of in-depth life skills consolidation is commenced with to build or re- build broken skills formed during addiction.
2) 3 months skills analysis follows to facilitate preparedness for employment.
3) “Work and live” is thereafter optional to ensure safer integration is achieved up to 18 months
4) Relapse prevention techniques are extensively dealt with.


We need to persevere with those in recovery. It is a hard road. We only have to look at the number of smokers in the world addicted to cigarettes unable to stop. Cigarettes which also abuse health, are fortunately not mind altering like the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The brain which controls our powers of self control becomes chemically imbalanced. This finally removes the “backbone” to conquer life`s challenges.

5)”Significant Others“ is a contemporary professional support program designed for family, friends and all concerned wishing to play an active role in the recovery of loved ones.