Help Desk

Actually, Careline started many years ago in the heart of a young Christian lady committed to helping others in need. She knew then she would one day open a centre to help those in crisis.

The founder member Joey du Plessis later served as a volunteer for the Government Welfare Department for 17 years while in full time employment, after hours, dealing with community members in crisis 24/7. Her last 10 years of full time employment was running the Sunday school ministry at a large church in Hillcrest where she also headed a “kids in crisis” program.

She resigned her position at the church and opened the Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre in 1995 to work full time initially operating a Help Desk. The same church provided offices on their premises. She relocated 2 years later to the Outerwest Municipal offices in Hillcrest to service the wider community in the Outerwest region.