In 1998, the Old Natal Lottery, which was closing registered a trust to specifically purchase properties for use for new crisis centres which Careline helped birth, as well as similar non profit centres. Careline obtained one such property which we still occupy.

The much expanded crisis work at the new premises soon necessitated protection at our centre for victims of abuse and trauma in our region. These beneficiaries were encountered at their dwellings by our crisis teams while attending a call by police in abuse cases, break-ins where injuries and sometime death occurs, etc. We later established a halfway house for recovering addicts at our centre.

Much domestic violence and trauma in homes results from drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction has become a serious problem, particularly with the younger generation.

We have helped develop a new Halfway House in a rural Community which is doing a great job with the ever increasing number of black children, victims of drug addiction. Victims of domestic abuse are now assisted at other facilities which are not disclosed for protection purposes.