Careline Crisis Centre

The primary aim and objective of the Crisis & Trauma Centre has also focused on providing vital guidance and support necessary in cases of crisis and trauma. The Crisis Centre was the initial service to the community. 

This involves being available at the point of need, providing initial and primary support before referring people to the best ongoing community or government support services available.

The Help Desk

  • Screens calls and assists in offering direction to the community on all crises and trauma related issues.

The Crisis Reaction Team responds to:

  • Call Out’s 24/7 from the police, security companies, and the public
  • Offering intervention and emotional support
  • Trauma debriefing involving practical support, information and following ups.

Professional and Layman Counselling

  • For relevant trauma, such as:
  • Substance abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Teenage and family issues.



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domestic violence
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Crisis Centre Overview:

Crisis team members attend crisis in the company of security personnel or police members who summon them. The crisis team provides the necessary emotional and practical support and de-briefing at any time day or night, seven days a week. 

Our Team

Our team`s services are well attested to by numerous bodies and the community. We have even been summoned to carry out de-briefing on a large ship which had been pirated on route to Durban, as well as group de-briefing at many stores and farms up country which are held up with armed robbers.

Our crisis work deals extensively with rape victims and abused women and children and alcohol and drug addiction or misuse. Our services are comprehensive, ensuring correct legal steps are taken when necessary, also accompanying victims to court to provide moral support or assisting families with the forced rehabilitation process.  We follow their progress until resolution is achieved.

Careline attributes its success to being a team player and is accordingly networked with police services, security companies, legal service, medical emergency units and welfare departments.

“There is no place in our attitude for anything less than total commitment to victims of crisis” 



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