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 Careline Crisis Centre.....

Since 1995 and as solid partner of the Hillcrest SAP we have been responding to call outs. With many of our other partners, SAP, SA Can, Vema, Doctors, hospitals and the community we are available to assist at anytime. We have a 24 hour help desk where crisis calls are attended to telephonically or at our site, but in most cases we assist on scene. Appointments can be made to see a voluntary debriefer, counsellor or social worker at Careline Crisis Centre. We also support, where possible, The District Surgeon, The Welfare, NPO's and other Orginisations in Kwa-zulu Natal.

Careline Community Projects....

We are actively involved in our community with various outreach programmes and school projects. We sponsor 350 Molweni orphans with food, clothing, stationary, etc. Our awareness and prevention programmes regarding substance abuse are carried out at many schools. We do drug and alcohol testing at schools, companies and on site Careline. We also assist with helping establish other smaller crisis centres. Visit CarelineCareline Community Projects for more information.

Careline Halfway House.....

We also operate a large halfway house accommodating 50 beneficiaries providing post trauma recovery. Beneficiaries include those recovering from chemical addiction which is a growing problem in all countries. We place much emphasis on life-skills training which remedies the primary cause leading to addiction in the first place.

 halfway group

Donations to the Crisis Centre

Careline believes that the strong are beholden to help the weak

We are excited when we see lives made whole and even more excited when we see those who've been made whole themselves becoming catalysts of change.

Careline seeks those who share this passion to join hands with us.



Donate by providing food and clothing, which can be delivered to Careline in Assagay 

Funds can be deposited directly into our bank account. See below for details



Bank: Standard Bank
Name of Account: Careline Crisis Centre
Type of account: Cheque account
Branch: Pinetown
Branch code: 045626
Account number: 250303264  



Address: 36 Assagay Road, Assagay, 3610
Help Desk Ph / Fax: 031 765 1587 / 031 765 1314
Emergencies: 082 787 6452 / 082 822 7981
Email: business@carelinecrisis.org
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1910, Hillcrest, 3650
NPO No: 0230-984
PBO No: 18/11/13/2692